Monday, April 15, 2013

I Had a Little Nut Tree

Why is this one never in Mother Goose!? I had to Google it! I wasted a whole second typing when I could have taken longer finding it in a book!

Wait a minute...

Okay, so our baby curriculum says now is the time for this rhyme. No reason, other than I'm not a font of nursery rhymes and they're traditional or whatever. But I am trying to use actual books with Khari when possible. Usually not possible. The reason? You'll laugh.

Ms. Calendar:  Honestly, what is it about them that bothers you so much?

Giles:  The smell.

Ms. Calendar:  Computer's don't smell, Rupert.

Giles:  I know! Smell is the most powerful trigger to the memory there
is. A certain flower or a, a whiff of smoke can bring up experiences...
long forgotten. Books smell. Musty and, and, and, and rich. The
knowledge gained from a computer, is, uh, it... it has no, no texture,
no, no context. It's, it's there and then it's gone. If it's to last,
then, then the getting of knowledge should be, uh, tangible, it should
be, um... smelly.

Yes, my reason for wanting actual books is an episode of Buffy!

I know it's ironic. Thank you.

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