Thursday, August 23, 2007

Now we're thinking more long term

Lost - Walkabout

Creepy Bald Man lost his shoe in the crash. Now he sits on the beach, looking creepy.

The dog barks and the monster is coming again. They're not in a good place. Rumble rumble... something's in the plane! Houston, we have... well, it's eyes glow. Big dog things. Wild Boars, it turns out, according to Creepy Bald Man. They're gonna have to burn the bodies.

They're out of food. Luckily, Mr. Locke can hunt. In fact, he checked his hunting knifes. Freaky deaky.

Locke is a colnel in something. Creepier and creepier. What the hell is his deal?

I'm getting a little caught up in this, aren't I?

Rose is sitting on the beach, refusing to talk.

Shannon and Charlie decide to go fishing.

Kate and Michael bond rigt before Michael is gored by a wild boar. Well, I guess they found it. Locke has a flashback to explain his walkabouts in the Australian outback to his jerkish boss. Amusingly, Locke's first name is John. John goes off to hunt the boar, leaving teeny tiny Kate to drag Michael back to camp.

Charlie has recruited Hurley to the fishing project.The whole thing is kind of ridiculous.

Claire finds an envelope with Saiyid's name on it. It's full of pictures of some woman.

Rose finally starts talking.

John Locke had a relationship with a phone sex girl named Helen who refused to go to Australia with him. Lonely old man.

Kate climbs a tree to attach the triangulating antenna Sayid made so they could find the source of the distress signal. The monster comes along while she's up there. Or maybe just Locke being hunted by a boar. No, Locke hears the boars being eaten by the monster. Which comes out and I think he sees it... but we don't see it. Probably not good for Locke.

Kate finally gets Michael into camp. Charlie caught a fish and Shannon and her brother get in a fight.

Rose seems to think her husband is still alive. Jack sees a man in a suit on a hill who then vanishes.

Kate promises to Sayid that they'll keep trying to escape. Then she tells Jack that Locke is dead. Jack sees the man again. He follows him into the woods - to Locke, dragging a boar.

They read a list of names of everyone in the plane - everything they know about them. Charlie continues to sneak his drugs. Jack sits alone. Michael asks Locke about the monster, but he says he didn't get a look. Locke has some kind of condition that kept him from the walkabout. He's in a weelchair. But now he's walking around the beach. But when he woke up after the crash, he could walk. No wonder he's been in shock.

Crap Royale

Star Trek: The Next Generation - The Royale
Data counts cards, Will and Worf run around doing dumb things, and Picard has to read the world's worst book. Good times.