Monday, July 23, 2007

A little... retro

Zachary Quinto as Spock has reported that Spock has been cast - Heroes star Zachary Quinto is going to fill the role. That's some mighty big ears, Zach.

I need to star watching Heroes.

From a really great post

"Picard would never contemplate cheating on Beverly with Guinan."
-Posted on TrekBBS's Next Gen Board

Fanfic quotes to enjoy

“Ah, chaos: one of our twelve favorite words,” Fred said dreamily.

“Dare we ask what the other eleven are?” Harry enquired.

“Well, there’s prank, of course…”



“Mischief and trouble-”

“Detention, because it means we did the first six right-”

“Galleon, only don’t tell mum-”

“Impossible, because we are, but nothing else is-”

“Poo, a perennial holdover-”

“Quidditch, naturally-”

“And blowjob.”
From Harry's Seventh Year:A Single MomentBy Metafrantic

Pathetic Message Board Posts of the Day

Jolene Blacock's Breats: Real or Fake?

From the message board.

Kes's Weight

From the Voyager board.

Today I watched...

Star Trek V: The Final Frontier

With the possible exception of Nemesis, this is the silliest Trek movie. Kirk falls off a mountain, Chekov and Sulu get lost in the woods, Uhura confesses her undying love for - get this - Scotty, Scotty collides with a low hanging pipe and gets knocked out after saying "I know this ship like the back of my hand", and Spock and McCoy somehow managae to overcome mind control for Kirk. Too bad that didn't work in "This Side of Paradise" when McCoy really needed that mint julep or Spock was chasing the non-Hawaiian Hawaiian around.

Witch Mountain etc.

Witch Mountain

They're remaking Escape to Witch Mountain. I like that movie. Okay, note to self - go find my copy of the book and read it again, then rent the movie and watch that, then try and remember why I liked the thing because I'll undoubtedly decide I hate it and it's for seventies kids or possibly today's kids... or else I'll love it and want to watch it over and over and over and then I'll go see the new one and be all pissed off because they went and ruined the thing and now that I think of it, wasn't there already a TV movie of this because I think there was (it was very different and a big disappointment).

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

A couple of guys on ACIN have published a spoiler heavy SPOILER HEAVY SPOILER HEAVY chat about the new book. It goes into great wonderful detail about reactions to things that happen in the book that I can't talk about and ironically disses spoilers.

Star Trek XI

Leonard Nimoy likes the script, which says to me that it's very good. Also, reading between the lines of the conversation I linked to yesterday, it sounds like Nimoy's role will be post-Generations Spock.

William Shatner discusses how he isn't upset about not being in the new movie on his LiveVideo Page. I can't tell if he's faking or not, the man plays things pretty close to the vest, but it's obvious he knows more than he's pretending to not know.