Sunday, January 20, 2008


The X-Files

There is no mention of Scully's pregnancy, but there's a little hint that Doggett has issues. Also we got to see him run, which is always a kick because it brings me back to when he was a Terminator and movies were decent.

Why do you call it that exactly?

I Am Legend

They said it sucked. They lied. While it's nowhere near perfect and the premise is from an era where you could write a book about a disease that turns people into vampires, it lacks several problems with previous incarnations. The vampires are NOT trying to take over the world this time, they just wanna eat. Robert Neville is played by someone hot, not someone with freakishly ginormous teeth, and there's a dog for you pet lovers out there.

Spoiler warning.

The dog dies. So does Will Smith.

Ultimately, it was way way better than The Omega man, which I had the misfortune of seeing six weeks ago.

And now I know why they call it that.