Monday, October 15, 2007

Well, that's all folks. And by folks I mean Shatner.

William Shatner is out and Chris Pine of crappy movie fame is in. At least he's a reasonable look-alike and he's reasonably hot to boot. We'll wait to see if he has a brain - giving up a shot at any other movie for The Posiedon Adventure doesn't look promising - and if he can act. Questionable, I doubt he got much from Lindsay Lohan.

I remember idolizing Shatner as a child. My parents would joke about him all the time and I just couldn't stand it. They never understood how much it bothered me. As I got older, I was able to understand that Shatner is an egomaniacal freak of nature and that he's self-important and that he's not that smart and probably not easy to get along with. I also began to understand that Captain Kirk, himself, isn't exactly going to be winning a Nobel Prize for Brilliance anytime soon. But still, Kirk is a hero for nothing more than stupid bravery and sheer dumb luck and Shatner is to be honored for bringing Kirk to us.

And so I'd like to request a moment of virtual silence for Shatner's Kirk, who we will probably never get to see again. Forty years was not enough - and keep writing your damn books. Just because they're all the same doesn't mean we'll stop reading. After all, you're William Shatner!


I recently found a site that sells quality asian versions of the star trek sets. For CHEAP. That means I'll have it all in about three months for a reasonable price without copyright violation. Which means that then I can start buying other things. Wonderful things. I think X-Files is next, or maybe The Pretender.