Friday, July 11, 2008

The Voyager Game 5: TNG Edition

Did anyone else ever notice that "The Nth Degree" is actually "Where No Man Has Gone Before" in a shiny new wrapper?

Countdown to Trek


In 300 days, life will begin again.

That's kind of a dramatic statement, but 300 days from now Chris Pine will take the big chair, Zach Quinto will take the scope thingy, John Cho will take the Pointless Spinny Pointer, Anton Yelchin will take screaming duty, Zoe Saldana will open some hailing frequencies, Simon Pegg will have a freak-out over his "puir wee barins", and Karl Urban will announce to the world, "It's alive, Jim."

Or something to that effect.

300 days is roughly 10 months. We can do 10 months, people!

May the Great Bird of the Galaxy bless our movie.