Thursday, November 1, 2007



Hey, check it out. Hurley won the Lottery. And BTW, the French chick had his lottery numbers written down.

And when is Claire gonna get around to having that baby?

In Translation

Well, Jin and Sun finally split up and Hurley ran out of batteries.

Good times.

Booby Trap

The scene where Picard realizes he is the only one among the senior staff with taste? Classic. "Didn't anyone here build ships in bottles when they were boys?"

"I did not play with toys."

"I was never a boy."

This is also the beginning of all the Leah Brahms stuff, not to mention poor Christie. And you know, to this day, I can barely watch the stuff on the holodeck without cringing. Talk about horrible dialog!

The rest of it's really good too. That sucks.

I just realized how much Geordi slips up on the holodeck. "Give me an opponent capable of defeating Data." "Show me which ones."

Yeah, great.

Computer, do you have any, you know, personality on file for Dr. Brahms?

-Geordi LaForge

Something Sad

You want pathetic? I am seriously considering going to the Beowulf movie so I can see the Cloverfield trailer. That's pathetic.