Monday, July 16, 2007

Upcoming Stuff

See John Travolta in drag. As TommySparkle says, Grease will never be the same again.
I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry
Adam Sandler pretends to be gay.
All the Boys love Mandy Lane
This just sounds sad. I bet she dies. Similar movies, oddly enough, include Scream and Carrie 2.

The X-Files has news, one really sad story, William Shatner's ongoing project at Walter Reed, etc.

On the Second X-Files Movie
The story is here and here, but basically the X-Files movie number two is going to be reality. In the sense of there is a script. And Duchovny is onboard. and Anderson is onboard. And oh, happy happy day.

This totally fixes my Monday.

All I can Say is Oh My God.
Shatner discusses the needs of soldiers recovering at Walter Reed hospital. He makes me hate America.

Shatner on going without his pants.

Today on Star Trek

Star Trek: The Motion Picture
Ugh. Ugh with a side of puke. Can anything possibly make this movie any worse? There's the plot, the characterization, the costumes, the special effects, the script...