Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

This has one of my favorite scenes in it, where the whole crew gets together for dinner in Sisko's quarters. Odo learns to cook, Bashir hates beets, Kira calls Odo cute, everyone gets a lecture about cajun cooking and probably at some point baseball.

I just love it.

But then the rest of the ep happens and one burning question pervades my conciousness:

Where the crap is Verad?

There's all this stuff in here about Dax's eighth host. Verad? Gone. Still, I know he only had Dax for a few hours or so, but...

Ninth. Ninth host.

You just look so...cute.

-Major Kira,
watching Odo cooking

Forever Young

Mel Gibson when he was still cool and a really short Elijah Wood? What's not to love?

Also, JJ Abrams strikes again.

I'm shocked by how many things I enjoyed as a little kid have JJ Abrams involvement. This time he wrote the thing. It makes it all a little easier to know that he's repsonsible for many of my fond cinematic memories - too bad he's not writing XI.

Someone just asked why I don't cover Voyager.

Simple question. Want a simple answer?

I only own season 4.

And that sucks.

Give me some time, I'm working on it. I just graduated, for cripes sake!

Seriously, though, I'd love to cover Voyager and even *sob* Enterprise but I just can't stop paying rent and buy it all right now.

Lazy day

I've watched no Trek today and none yesterday and I miss it. But I only have 11 and a half hours before I go to bed, so I better go watch it I guess...

Being a nerd is a demanding passion, one that can eat away at you. Beware: you may not be able to leave.