Thursday, July 24, 2008

I change my wallpaper every day...

There's a point to me telling you this. When I changed my wallpaper today, I put one up that says "Let's make sure history never forgets the name Enterprise."

Now, lately we've had to worry that that just might happen. Something could go very wrong with the movie, something did go very wrong with Enterprise, and yeah, everyone's a little scared. It's a scary time.

But let's talk about X-Files for a moment.

To say it's had ups (Season 6) and downs (Season 9) would be an understatement. Tonight, though, it gets another chance, and we get another chance to believe. It's not called "I Want to Believe" for nothing, you know.

Tonight, we see the thing we've wanted for Trek happen to another franchise (one that a lot of people love with that same kind of passion that I have for Trek) and we know that this can happen for us too. It doesn't matter if the movie flops tomorrow - what matters is that now, tonight, there is a chance for a revival or a rebirth or whatever you want to call it. It's not the one we've been waiting for - 297 days, folks - but for now it represents the chance we're going to have soon.

And it's not like I don't like the X-Files. Really really love it, actually.

So even though we're not even close to the release of Star Trek - although we're not exactly far away either - take this chance to revel in the victory we're waiting for for our own franchise and hope that it foreshadows what's coming for us (assuming our movie rocks. Which it had better).

Mostly I'm writing this because I'm tired, but also excited to be alive at this time, when nerds are finally cool.

Nero's ears

Spoiler heavy. Just so we're clear.

So, Nero is the villain. We've been told this.

The Villains are Romulans. We've been told this too.

Why are Nero's ears rounded?

Alex Kurtzman says Nero isn't necessarily a Romulan.


Great to finally hear something from Kurtzman!

Spoilers Make the World go 'Round. Or Boldly. Whatever.

Leonard Nimoy just did a Trekmovie interview where he said that the movie is more of an adventure story than a social commentary. Uh-oh. That's one of the things I liked LEAST about Voyager and Enterprise.

He goes on to say that it does tell us revenge is bad, which I think we figured out very well from Nemesis, thank you! Whole new set of worries there.

Leonard also says he was concerned about acting as Spock after 18 years. Once he got on the set, that went away, and the director and the cast were wonderful and we'll all be very happy.

Well, if there's one thing he knows, it's us. I feel better now.

TWOK was a revenge movie too, you know.

And on a size-and-scope scale, this is bigger than TMP. Jeebus. And it's going to run away with the record for Star Trek box-office gains (I know my opening-day plans are certainly going to reflect that).


That would be Doctor Who (in Levis) shaking hands with some guy and Patrick freaking Stewart standing Right There. Awesome. Okay, Doctor Freaking Who is really David Tennant, who is pretty damn hot and BTW.... Geekalicious! Nerdalicious! Whatever!