Saturday, October 8, 2011

Empty Warheads found on Writing Staff

Voyager: Warhead

Okay, so... yeah. It's a little ADD, but that's Brannon Braga. You could easily get 2 or 3 stories out of this, but that's typical. And it is kind of neat to see Harry actually win something for a change, but... apparently he also went a full 24 hours without sleep and then back to duty on the bridge.

One... is the Loneliest Number...

Voyager: One

Okay. One.

First. This is a great story. I mean it. Spectacular.

Jeri Ryan is a really great actress.

Seven is also the new kid on the block. It's her first season on Voyager. 25%.

Twenty-five freaking percent of freaking episodes post Season 4 feature Seven as a central character. She is 11% of the cast. Chakotay got 6. This is not okay. Another Seven ep? we said. Really? we said. Argh!