Thursday, July 5, 2007

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Today on Star Trek

Is There in Truth No Beauty?
Diana Muldaur is blind, Spock goes insane, Kirk worries, Sulu and Chekov get thrown across the Bridge, McCoy doesn't reveal important information, Scotty gets an action scene, and the ambassador of the week goes home in a box - in a good way.

Spectre of the Gun

Today on Buffy

Who Are You?

Baith gets locked in an armored truck by the Council. Fuffy flirts with every guy on the planet and is mean to Tara. Baith escapes and convinces Giles who she is. Fuffy sleeps with Riley and almost flees the country but stops when Adam gets some vampires to hold a church hostage. Baith and Fuffy both run to the church and kill the vamps, then Baith switches their bodies back. Faith runs away. Buffy gets mad at Riley.