Friday, November 30, 2007

A Matter of Time

A Matter of this. A Matter of that. A Matter of Time. A Matter of Honor. A Matter of Perspective. Are we sensing a pattern here?

This is one of those eps I remember very well from my childhood, mostly because of Picard's big moral dilemma. It scared me to see Picard lose confidence in himself. Even so, my focus was on Rasmussen, but unlike every other member of the audience, I really thought he must have a good reason to take that stuff - turns out he's just evil. Here's one kid who really took the lessons of Star Trek to heart I guess.

Other than that moral dilemma for one act, there's not a lot to this ep. The crew almost gets hoodwinked but manages to catch the guy at the last possible minute because he was too efficient a thief. Why do we even bother to let these people have jobs? Sometimes they are dumb.

We are being hailed, but... Captain, they are requesting you to move over.

Mr. Worf, inform them that the Enterprise will not be going anywhere.

Not the ship, sir - you.

-Worf and Picard (who is really dumb sometimes)