Sunday, January 23, 2011

Thank God I'm not That Paranoid

Watching Conspiracy Theory.

Just wow.

But it is fun to see Patrick Stewart be evil.

You know, the funny thing is, you never know what's gonna be worth it when it comes to movies until after it's all said and done and then you have to deal with Mel Gibson paired with Juila Roberts which doesn't even make sense in terms of casting.

Seriously, what is that? Program your people to buy a billion copies of Catcher in the Rye so you can always track them? Huh? Where does that make sense?


Doctor Who: 

The Firemaker

The cavemen continue to fight amongst themselves and Kal continues to try to convince the people that the Doctor and his buddies killed the Old Woman. The Doctor eventually convinces the people that Kal is the one who killed the Old Woman and gets them to drive Kal out. Not big on the Prime Directive in Doctor Who.

It's not long, however, before the Doctor manages to piss off Za and he drives them into the cave. Za's wife tells him how the Doctor's people decided to help him - but Za is determined to learn to make fire, and he is determined to learn from the "new tribe" - the Doctor and his companions.

Ian and Barbara are trying to learn to make fire so they can impress the locals.  Za comes in at the exact moment they manage to light the kindling. The people of the tribe want to kill them as a human sacrifice to learn to make fire. Za wants to learn to make fire, as he thinks from they are "the other side of the mountains". And that's when the fire starts.

The tribe is beginning to dissent and turn against Za. And someone sneaks in and strangles the guard - let me guess, Kal? Oh so obvious.

Kal jumps into the Cave of Skulls and sees the burning fire, then chases Za around a bit and there's a big dramatic fight. *yawn*. Za wins, gets the fire, and becomes the leader, then locks the "new tribe" in the Cave of Skulls again. They come up with a clever ruse and get back to the TARDIS and run away.

The Doctor, it turns out, can't get them back to their own time with any precision. They end up on another planet, with a really high radiation...

If you were watching what we were watching last month, you would know this was where we met the Daleks.