Tuesday, October 11, 2011

After All Is Said And Done

Enterprise: These Are The Voyages
Trip has a great speech about trust... and that's just exactly what was violated in this ep and really in the whole show. This ep is its own apology.

And two things:

1. This is the only episode that one can, with certainty, state is not canon. Neither the part on Enterprise nor the part on TNG can be corroborated or confirmed. Riker never had time to do all this with Troi, who has had a drastic change in hairstyle, lemme tell ya.

2. I don't think it likely that in ten years no one in the senior staff was promoted or transferred off of Enterprise, given the lack of experienced officers in Starfleet. This suggests that "These are the Voyages" is a work of popular historical fiction as seen in holonovels on Voyager only a year later, only with a far more sinister context. The characters in TATV are obviously derived from real people, possibly in the concept of the "alternate universe", fanficcy "Would the Federation exist without Trip Tucker?" kind of way. If someone had published this on fanfiction.net we would think it was cute. They made it an episode.