Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Truth still has some bite SPOILERS AFTER ALL

I know a lot of people were wondering.

But I won't spoil the ending.

I'll only say this: fans will love it. Non-fans will love it. If there isn't another, that's okay because it ended well. If there is another, there's room for that too.

Do you remember the baseball ep, where Mulder taught Scully to hit the ball at the end? Remember the relaxed, carefree moment, where just for that one minute they'd won that little moment to just be ? Remember how we all felt about that, for them, and for us? Well, that's how it ended. Only without the baseball.

There were little things. There was Samantha - even though Mulder knows she's dead, there was Samantha. There was Scully and her issues - finally getting out of the car, I guess. There were pencils in the ceiling. There was Skinner. There was a jerk at the FBI. There was pain. There was joy. It was true classic X-Files. And it was beautiful. And now I don't even want to believe, I do believe that the last few years were just a break in what is otherwise a very good time for Sci-Fi, and that everything will be okay. They mentioned some classic cases - and they drew on some they didn't mention. They mentioned Gerry Schnauss and Clyde Bruckman. Scully had moments. Mulder had moments. Skinner had a really interesting moment.

I cried. I gasped. I had trouble remembering to breathe when the theme rang out. It was a small town theater that had more than half the seats empty, which is the most packed I've ever seen that theater.

I smiled, and laughed, and then at the end - I can't say (shouldn't say. Bad bad bad), except to say that they've earned that. Give it four years and we'll have a nice Christmas movie in 2012, I think, because this was good and they still have to wrap up the mythology or I will beat Chris Carter to death with a truck.

Not really.

Because I can't lift a truck.

Maybe a snowplow.

You'll get that later if you don't get it yet.

Oh, and you know what?

Mulder finally found a place where his cell phone won't work!

That totally had spoilers. I'm adding a warning to the title.

I Want to Believe

No, I haven't seen it yet for a variety of reasons.

I'm about to, though.

I have faith in this movie. I don't know how to express my faith except to say that I Want to Believe, as trite and cliched as that sounds these days. It's a little like "Who ya gonna call?" (never usable again) but it still fits the situation.

Today, more than most, I see the parallels between Star Trek and The X-Files. Beloved Sci-Fi, suffering from... let's just say creative overshooting and call it good. Each has a movie - this one chance to recover what they've lost.

Star Trek's not out yet. There's nothing I can do, and it makes me feel helpless. But I can help The X-Files while I wait - and trust that the X-Files fans will help me out when it's my turn.

I'll come back with spoilers.