Sunday, July 27, 2008

I Want to Believe

No, I haven't seen it yet for a variety of reasons.

I'm about to, though.

I have faith in this movie. I don't know how to express my faith except to say that I Want to Believe, as trite and cliched as that sounds these days. It's a little like "Who ya gonna call?" (never usable again) but it still fits the situation.

Today, more than most, I see the parallels between Star Trek and The X-Files. Beloved Sci-Fi, suffering from... let's just say creative overshooting and call it good. Each has a movie - this one chance to recover what they've lost.

Star Trek's not out yet. There's nothing I can do, and it makes me feel helpless. But I can help The X-Files while I wait - and trust that the X-Files fans will help me out when it's my turn.

I'll come back with spoilers.

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