Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Rebuttal to the 15 Things I totally knew about Star Trek

The 15 Things You Didn't Know About Star Trek

1.NASA's First Space Shuttle was named the Enterprise. Knew It! What self-respecting fan doesn't?

2.The Original Pilot had a woman first officer - Knew it! Problem: The second part of the statement where the series was recast for a man. NOT TRUE! To paraphrase the Great Bird, "I could either keep the woman or keep the Martian, so I married the woman and kept Spock. I couldn't really have done it the other way around, I mean, Leonard's cute, but..." Just for the record, silly fact sheet creator, Spock (the new first officer) was in that same pilot with the woman first officer, which makes it less a "recast" and more a "redistribution".

3.First Interracial Kiss - Knew it! Yes, we're all very proud, good job. But it you watch the episode, it doesn't really so much show the kiss, it's more of an implied kiss, and they only used it because when they shot it the other way, where he just bent her out of frame and then looked up, Bill Shater crossed his eyes to ruin the shot.

4.Diverse Crew - knew it! It was 1966, so I'm pretty sure everyone else did too.

5.Redshirt deaths - Knew it! And everyone who ever watched Generations on VHS does too, because the video version of William Shatner's Star Trek Memories is previewed on there, and Koenig talks about it.

6.Meaning of Uniform Colors - Knew it! Probably not everyone else does though, although, again, the people who watched Generations on VHS probably do, since they bothered to watch Generations  on VHS, and usually non-Trekkies eventually ask someone if they're at all curious or care, which if they didn't they won't read this fact sheet.

7. Majel Roddenberry was in 6 series and 11 movies - Knew it! about 10 of the movies anyway, but she wasn't actually in 2009 Trek due to her untimely death. And by the way, you know what a good factoid might have been? There were actually six series, not five!

8.Vulcan salute invented by Leonard Nimoy? Check. Priestly Blessing? Knew it! It's in his autobiography. I'm giving them a pass on this one - I don't think the general public has read I Am Spock, even though you should, it's really good (if a little self-serving).

9. Zachary Quinto had to glue his fingers together - Heard it, but don't believe it, at least by the end of the shoot. Zach is left-handed, and Spock is right handed, so give the guy a break. Bill Shatner can't do it at all - if you zoom in really close when watching him in Star Trek III, you can see where his fingers are tied together with fishing line. Just for the record, our store manager can't do it either.

10.Xenolinguistics was a class at Lake Tahoe Community College. Knew it! Klingon is a real language would be a good side note here.

11.Star Trek fans are called Trekkies/Trekkers - Knew it! And you know what? So does everyone else, except the woman in the elevator who saw my dad at the 2007 Las Vegas con, wearing his "Proud Parent of A Trekkie" t-shirt (I made it for him) and asked if his son was a boy scout.

12.Shatner's Kidney stone sold on ebay - Knew it, but I think most people block that information out. I did try to convince my sister-in-law to sell hers on ebay. I figured with some creative wording we could get at least $100.

13.Vulcans on the census - Didn't know it. Not surprised. Why is anyone?

14.ILM did effects on Star Trek films - Knew it! And, I think, on some of the shows, which is not mentioned. Star Trek 2009 is the most priated film last year? Didn't know it. Not at all surprised. Kind of proud, though.

15.To Boldly Go... stolen?!?!?!!?!?!!? - Knew it. Splitting an infinitive is not grammatically incorrect. I stumbled on an article about that yesterday. Literally.

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