Wednesday, November 21, 2007


There's some new shots of Quinto as Spock. On a website.

Written in French.

Hey, nobody's perfect.

The pics are here.


Unhappy with a new treaty,
Federation Colonistss along
the Cardassian border have
banded together.

Calling themselves "The Maquis,"
they continue to fight the

Some consider them heroes,
but to the governments of
the Federation and Cardassia,
they are outlaws.

We didn't really see much of this, now did we. Did anyone expect this to have any bearing at all on the show? Or did they all know it was just. The. Teaser.

You know what would have been cooler? If Evek's ship would have come along for the ride. But nooooo. Too edgy. Don't want to follow the path of DS9. That would be wrong.

And thus began a series that went to so many wrong places...

Children have to grow up.

-Kathryn Janeway