Monday, August 20, 2007

A Quote

"...and now I tells how you be a Vul-can! Notkills anyones anymores! Noteats lit-tul an-ni-mals! Stops you cur-sings! Wears you shoes! Trynot in-ta-rupt! Be la-gee-ka, like Spock! Notnot! You stupid! Noteats own fin-gers!"
-The child Saavik, to a baby
The Pandora Principle
by Carolyn Clowes

Practical Jokes aside

Uhura has way more to say in Animated Trek. Really, I like it. It's new and different.

Lost Time

They're so Lost that no one will come for them. No one's come for the last person stranded there sixteen years ago. Of course, since someone else sent a mayday, that means they do have a radio...

Also, there was a polar bear loose on the island and in a shocking twist, Kate is the prisoner everyone is looking for.

The good thing about a new job

The good thing about having my job situation sorted out is that I know I have time to work on learning linux. For the last six months I've been wandering around my OS, trying to just coexist with the damn thing. Not that I don't love it, or that I like Windows, but it's hard to switch to such a technical OS when you don't have time to learn what it can do. So I started tutorials on the Linux Knowledge Base today, and already I feel better about it.

Some of it's lost on me, I admit.

Some of it isn't, and I'm getting more comfortable with the command line. Very important.

Geriatric Perk

God, I can't believe how old Jurassic Park is these days. And it still looks wonderful. Am I the only one amazed by this?

I have friends who won't watch it because it champions evolution, but personally I don't think that's the point of the story, and I think they're overlooking something even more important when people say that - this is a scientific perspective against tampering with nature. No one notices that. The evolution part is really unimportant to the story.

What the hell is a Dauphin anyway?

This is what I love about Star Trek. We have the enemy - whose motives are always for the good. We have the teenage romance - very very doomed. It's sweet, it's cute. I bet Wil Wheaton's embarassed when he watches it these days, but I love it.