Monday, August 25, 2008

My question for the day

I was watching Crossfire, which is about Odo realizing that Kira definitely isn't in love with him and he needs to pull out of her life and I was watching him turn away from Kira making out with Shakaar and it occurred to me - how does Odo see?

I mean, the way I see it there's two options. a)Odo sees with the eyes he makes. But that creates all sorts of problems when he's turned into a bag or a piece of the wall to spy on people - how does he see anything then? Or hear for that matter?


Okay, so b) Odo percieves everything from his entire surface space. But that creates problems too. What if he were gaseous? Liquid? And why would turning his eyes away from the distressing sight of Kira making out with Shakaar help him in any way? Because now he can see it out his elbow.

You see the problem?