Friday, December 2, 2011

Are you serious, Trekmovie? Because I think you're trying to start a panic.

JJ Abrams: Star Trek Sequel Will ‘Start Over’ |

The way Anthony Pascale phrases it sounds like another reboot, making everyone who doesn't read J.J.'s words die in fear. Now don't get me wrong. Fear made Trekmovie. But it also made Star Trek 2009 great. Fear is a great motivator for us and for the filmakers and if acting like he still has the fear when he should makes J.J. a better director and producer and Bob and Alex better writers and Chris and Zach and all the rest better actors even if they aren't scared they need to act like it.

So I can appreciate J.J. saying he's acting like it's the frst time. He should be afrad of the complacency and of the ghost of Roddenberry. Simon Pegg and Karl Urban should be afraid of the ghosts of Doohan and Kelley. Ben Cross should fear the ghost of Mark Lenard and everyone should fear the ghost of Majel and if they don't they should read Q-In-Law and remember that she might really be that scary.

And also, they should be afraid of us. We made them, we can break them, and also, I once surprised the crap out of Leonard Nimoy and I caught Brannon Braga in two lies, and six months after the second he confessed what he did in public and I'd like to think I helped and there are, like, a million other people even scarier than me who will judge this movie, not to mention the ones just as and not quite as scary so we are really really formidable and J.J. should be scared.

But Anthony.... please stop strring up trouble.