Monday, August 4, 2008

Now I'm Angry

I love Rose Tyler. Like, a lot. She was an awesome character and I love wearing hoodies because of her, m'kay? If that's stupid, so be it. Also, I was a huuuuge Ten/Rose fan, so... yeah.

And then here comes Steven Moffat, the new head Doctor Who guy (I know I'm new to the show, but who cares, it's awesome, which is probably why I never watched it sooner - I got hook-ed) Anyway, he says, and I quote, "You have to hand it to the Doctor for dumping a slightly needy girlfriend by palming her off on a copy of himself."

Way to bring in the Ten/Rose fans, Moffat old chap!

Bill Shatner's LiveVideo

So on Bill's new weblog it has some behind-the-scenes of his WOW commercials. Ordinarily I wouldn't watch behind-the-scenes of a commercial, but he's Bill Shatner, so... wow. It shows him not knowing the meaning of something the director says. Now, I don't know what that word means either but it's an interesting choice to post on your own LiveVideo.

Two Days

Leaving for Vegas in two days. I'm getting my notes together and whatnot.

My birthday is Saturday, which is when Brannon's planning to show up (bringing Manny Coto as a sacrificial lamb and a sneak preview of 24 to distract us with).

Leonard and Zach on Sunday.

Wish me luck getting a question there.