Sunday, June 1, 2008

Bob Justman

Bob Justman died this week.

I don't know if I can describe to you how scary this is. i met him, very briefly, last year at the convention. He was very attentive, walked up to everyone he talked to, and answered our questions as well as an 80 year old man with Parkinson's can be asked to do when he's talking about things that happened half his lifetime ago.

I was standing in the presence of the one man who was there for all of it, and it was truly humbling. I think, too, that he knew what he had meant to all of us, and had an idea of the impact his life and work had on the world.

More than that, Bob Justman had faith in the future of Star Trek. He had faith in JJ Abrams and his team to pull off what they are attempting, and because of that faith, it will only heighten our resolve.

Bob Justman believed in this project, and to honor him, we should give it a chance to vindicate his faith.

Bob's contribution to my life is as hard to quantify as Gene Roddenberry's. His achievements have inspired each of us - and our lives will serve as a memorial to his life.

Godspeed, Bob Justman.

The Voyager Game I

What episode did we rip off this week?

Answer: The Paradise Syndrome

Yep, we're ripping off lousy Season 3 of TOS. An all-time low, and it's only the second season!

Voyager Episode: Tattoo

And as an added bonus, the Doctor gets a cold.