Sunday, August 19, 2007

Getting Lost

It has to be done. J.J. Abrams must now prove his worth... okay, that sounds lame. This is me, reviewing J.J. Abrams and praying that he'll get Star Trek right.

Man. Forest. Suit. Blood. Dog. I'm guessing ow.

Oh, and ooh, alcohol. Nice attempt at subtle. I'm guessing you've seen it, of course. Basically, there was this plane crash, which was all very bad, and tons of people are stranded on this desert island in the middle of the ocean which doesn't sound fun. Also, the jet engines keep whirring despite being detached from the plane. Doesn't make tons of sense. Also they are not hiding the blood. I'm not sure this is appropriate for prime time viewing. There's tons of people, so we're probably not talking serious ensemble show.

It's still weird to see him. Executive Producer: J.J. Abrams is slapped all over everything I watch these days. Directed By J. J. Abrams. Produced. Written. Pretty soon it'll be Guest Starring Zachary Quinto. Because that's what needs to be done.

This is a very weird island. And when they show the crash... God, it's the most roomy plane in existence. And how did that many people survive a crash like that, anyway? There's not nearly enough dead people. Realistically. I know, this is sci-fi. And what's with the dog? Let me guess - it's the invisible monster's master!

I'm trying not to be intrigued, but I am. I'm also fatigued, and more than a little peeved because the pilot just got et. As in eaten, but more fun to say. And I'm beginning to see why this man can do Star Trek. The shocking beginning, the randomness, and creating a world that is totally unlike our own - in this case right here on Earth. Right now, for the first time since this all started, I really believe that J.J. can do this thing.

And then with the sexual tension and does anyone remember the first season of Enterprsie, because I'm having a flashback to Broken Bow with the sexy decon scene right now.