Friday, January 18, 2008


So that's it, folks. I saw it.And let me tell you: I now trust J.J.

Despite what they said on AICN, I see something diferent. J.j. shows that he understands sacrifice, which means that he understands love. Which means thatt he understands e and mine, namely the Trekkies.

I am scared, of course, for Star Trek, as I should be, but more than that, I believe that this movie can succeed in being a new era. I saw the trailer. I saw the Enterprise - my Enterprise - being built. I heard Leonard Nimoy's voice. And I believe.

And I saw the movie. I saw what J.J. Abrams can do - could do - if he puts his mind to it. And then I believed again, that Star Trek has a future.

And Cloverfield is what brought me that future. And for that, I will always owe it.

More than that, I liked it. For all the formula plot, it spoke. And what it spoke of was the things that I have felt in my own life - loving someone so much that you're willing to give up everything, even your own life and future, to see that they don't die alone.

And then there's the fact that there are no answers to be found - just like life. It doesn't wrap up in a neat little package. Everyone dies, and no one learns the answers.

Now, please, don't ruin it by making a sequel.