Wednesday, September 12, 2007

She's dead, Jim

Star Trek: The Next Generation: The Bonding
Some kid's mom dies, giving Wes the opportunity to confront his issues with Picard. Also, the aliens whose fault it is decide they want to replace the kid's mom, and they spend the whole ep dealing with grief in the 24th century. Actually, an interesting discussion, because Gene Roddenberry said you don't grieve. Personally, speaking as someone who has done my share of grieving, I hope humans never stop.

Reused Plot (title reused)

Star Trek: Voyager: Projections

The Doctor goes onto the holodeck and a kenoplasmic radiation surge disrupts his memory core. He experiences an elaborate delusion and is eventually saved by the crew. Only we see the whole thing from his point of view, where his delusion of Reg Barclay of all people convinces himself that he's a human being. Wasn't this a Barclay ep called "Ship in a Bottle"?

On an interesting side note, Reg Barclay was responsible for testing Doc's interpersonal skills. So you assign someone who has no interpersonal skills to test the interpersonal skills on a hologram that shouldn't need any - but really really does need them? Interesting choice.

"Computer, delete Paris."

- The Doctor

Use the Schwartz!

I've always loved this movie. Last night I was watching it and I realized that whoever programmed a certain code at a certain job of mine must be a Spaceballs fan. It's a security thing. But it's just like an idiot's luggage code...