Saturday, September 8, 2007

The Amok Man

Star Trek: The Man Trap
I secretly love this episode. Kirk's moronity is in full swing and McCoy answers to "Plum". Spock and Uhura have a great conversation that establishes Vulcan's lack of a moon but fails to mention what really must be a sister planet or something. And just for the record...

I know why it was fir-rst!

Star Trek: Amok Time... Remastered
Spock almost got married. Kirk died. It was my first experience with Remastered, and nothing was that different. They've redone the theme music and the exteriors were all CGI, but it was nothing special.

The 100 Best

Well, it's good to know that after Enterprise, the lowered ratings from TOS-R, and everything else that's happened, Star Trek can still make the Top 100 TV Shows List.

Hapy Birthday to Yoooou!

On this day in history... Star Trek was born. Not born. Star Trek aired for the first time.

It aired on NBC, I believe, at about 8 at night. If anyone can tell me the exact time, I would appreciate it. It was a network show, something two of the five later incarnations were lucky enough to avoid, and of the several episodes completed, the network, for some gawdaful reason, chose to air "The Man Trap". What exactly "The Man Trap" has to redeem itself, I'm not sure, but they chose to air it and we had to sit through it.

I guess we should be amazed people watched the next week, never mind forty years later.

Actually, I do know what it was. It was De Kelley. I just figured that out. It's a Dr. McCoy show, and De Kelley was already on the famous side because of all those Westerns. They wanted to show a familiar face the audiences would already know and use the shock value of "the bad guy" being on the side of good. Like a less dramatic version of Vader throwing the Emperor into the Death Star's core.

Anyway, many good things came from this one act on this day, such as:

Star Wars
the space shuttle Enterprise
*sigh* Enterprise
The Animated Adventures
my cat's name
hundreds of books
fan fiction
parts of Spaceballs

Just for example. Also, personally - I can't imagine what else I would have done with the last 24 years of my life. (I'm 24, FYI.)

Live long and Prosper, Star Trek, and may we see another 41 years.