Friday, June 27, 2008

A Response to a Response - this has minor spoilers for The Man from Earth, if you care.

So, the producer for The Man from Earth was not happy with my last post, which is, of course, his right, but I'd like to clearify a few things.

1. I did see the movie. The acting was not that great. I watched it on Netflix on demand two weeks ago, just so we're clear. And I found the part where he claimed to be Jesus borderline offensive/intriguing.

2.Reusing old ideas is too stealing from yourself. I have no problem with you being honest about it, and it doesn't even really bug me, I just found it weird.

3.A lot of the dialog seemed forced and the script seemed a little weak, and then the fact that it was the same concept as one of my favorite Trek episodes ever was not thrilling to me. Had that not been the case, maybe I would have been moved to comment more favorably on the movie, but it was the case, and so I wound up just kind of disgusted, which is my right as a human being/movie viewer. I'm frequently disgusted, by contemporary movies, and by life in general, so don't take this as any special insult.

4. Jerome Bixby is one of my favorite Trek writers.