Friday, December 9, 2011

More Khan Rumors

Just ignore it and maybe it'll go away. Close your eyes and count to three. It's not Khan. It will never be Khan. They may find him someday but he will never be the main event. J.J. is not that stupid.

I remind you:

The next question to be asked his what character Ramirez will play in the film if he gets the part. It was reported last week — before it was known del Toro was out — that the villain may be Khan, but Abrams and Paramount denied it. 
Whether that denial was aimed at the role or just del Toro’s involvement wasn’t quite clear. But it should be noted that Abrams was still in need of an actor of Latin descent, the same ethnicity of Ricardo Montalban, who played Khan in the original series and "Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan."

That's Trekmovie. They oughta know, they do nothing but read articles about Star Trek all day. Maybe trying to get some of the Khan tone... after all, Montalban was what made Khan great, so getting someone reminiscent of Montalban isn't a horrible idea. And besides, who else would they get as a villain these days? F. Murray Abraham? You see the problem. Matt Damon just for kicks for all the people who reported he was gonna be Kirk last time?

I say it again: Lightning doesn't strike twice, J.J. knows that, and there is no way Khan is the villian.