Thursday, July 12, 2007

I promised I wouldn't do this...

But I like this guy.

He said cojones in his presidency pitch!


Usually so far out of my purview, but not if it's Star Trek manga! Sigh. And sigh again.
I really don't care about Manga... but this time I kind of have to. Fandom is a heavy burden indeed.

A Big Step Down

Scarlet Pomers and Brad Dourif are going on a movie with the Duff sisters. Yeah. It's called Kentucky Fried Horror Show. Yeah.

I'm gonna go puke now.

lesser known actors

The latest word is that lesser known actors will be playing leads in XI, which means no Adrien Brody and no Matt Damon, thank God.

Finally, a dvd worth buying

The next STar Trek DVD to be released will contain some never-before-seen 8mm footage from the original production. About time they got some decent special features.

New Spock

Zachary Quinto from Heroes is interested in playing the new Spock. In fact, he may have talked to the film's producers about it.

I for one find this insane: once, being Spock was something to be ashamed of. Now, people are fighting over it the role.

New Voyages Preview

This one's looking pretty good... I really need to start watching New Voyages. Maybe it would help me get used to the reboot idea for the new movie. You know, the one where Matt Damon is Kirk... still not used to that.

William Shatner and how he learns his lines

The fourth Indiana Jones

It's gonna film in Hawai`i. Lucky bastards.

Part 2 of the Nicholas Meyer Video

Today on Star Trek

Requiem for Methuselah
Kirk falls in love with a robot and battles her creator for the right to her until she dies. Good times.

A new all-time low

A thread has appeared on the Enterprise board entitled "Where would you get a quickie on Enterprise? Your quarters aren't an option."