Sunday, November 16, 2008

Well, the trailer's out.

I expected fireworks, or maybe a giant flashing neon sign.

I kinda got the fireworks. Or well, the spoiler with the spoiler and then the kid doing the spoiler and then there was the thing where Chris Pine was spoiler and then they also had a great shot of spoiler and showed Spock wearing a spoiler but I still don't know where Kirk gets the spoiler and then Scotty said spoiler and it didn't spoiler but of course it's too soon to be sure. And there was a great shot of the Bridge, it looked very spoiler but of course then they showed the spoiler with Kirk and Spock and that looked very spoiler so I just don't know anymore what I think, but there's this awesome half-second of Bruce Greenwood as spoiler and...

Anyway, let's put it this way:

This movie's gonna be felt around the Trekkie world.