Saturday, November 3, 2007

Do No Harm

Boone's still not doing well. And where did Sun get all her medical training? Claire goes into labor at the worst possible time. Claire has a boy, Boone dies, and Jack decides it's all Locke's fault.

This does not bode well for Locke.

Deus Ex Machina

Locke temporarily loses his legs again, resulting in Boone maybe getting dead. And the big metal thing lights up and no one knows why.

To be fair, no one seems to be able to die on this island so maybe Boone will be fine. I hope so. He's kinda hot.

Dark Page

Star Trek: The Next Generation

Few people know that Kirsten Dunst had her TV debut on Star Trek. This performance made me a Dunst fan forever - for some reason I just like her. Always have. Ever since Hedril.

I also see this as the beginning of the end of TNG - the season seven tradition of wrapping up errant plot points and characters as well as having a "one last". This is "one last" Lwaxana episode, and a chance to wrap up Lwaxana - and for those who dislike her character to feel for her.

Star Trek has always symbolized parts of my life, and TNG was my childhood - this was the beginning of the end of that. This is when I began to grow up.

Inside your mother, there is a ... dark place.