Thursday, May 29, 2008

Okay, that was a space alien.

So I just spoiled the end of Indy 4. So sue me. My blog, my rules.

Okay, pros.

They never even tried to pretend that Harrison Ford was young.

The fight scenes were waaaay more convincing than Firewall.

Shia LaBuff (or however you spell that) was pretty damn good.

Harrison Ford can still act - without breaking a hip swinging from a rope.

Fake rear screen projection. I love Steven Spielberg. A lot.

Original Paramount Logo.

Great classic Indy-looking moving rocks and such.



Dude, Space aliens, flying saucers, and what was up with the psycho non-Nazi chick?

And speaking of which, was I not promised Nazis?

The box they kept the Lost Ark in was not scorched.

You cannot survive nuclear blasts by climbing in a fridge.

Why do you need a countdown loudspeaker in a city full of dummies?

The warehouse in Area 51 looked totally different in Raiders.

Marion has forgotten how to act in the last 30 years or whatever long it's been.

In the end? Thumbs up.