Monday, April 15, 2013

A Query, if You Will

Who thinks I'd make a good System Administrator?

Crazy? No.

My dad's idea, actually. He read a couple of articles about how there is a need for Linux System Administrators, and that it's a field that you can enter by being self-taught (aka without having to pay out buckets of money I don't have) and thought maybe I should try to do that.

It's an interesting idea.

I never really considered a career in IT related anything before, but, okay, sure. Why not?

Okay, there's that.

Boatload of responsibility already in my life, would she be better served by me having a job that would no doubt require me to work more hours, be away more, put work ahead of her from time to time?

How about my husband? Would he be well-served by my having a career like that?

Ooh, could I work partly from home?


Would she benefit from seeing her mother in a responsible position that leaves her feeling fulfilled and challenged?

Would Systems Administration leave me feeling fulfilled and challenged?

Yeah, see, I don't know either.

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