Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Civil Defense

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

It's been a DS9-heavy day, hasn't it?

In another week I'll be into netflixing Voyager, and then Enterprise (grumble)

But I digress. Civil Defense is possibly one of the most frightening eps of DS9 because it shows you just how out of control their station is.

Quark and Odo getting locked in the security office, btw, is priceless.

Dukat... if you are seeing this recording, it means you tried to abandon your post while the station's self-destruct sequence was engaged. That will not be permitted. You have lost control of Terok Nor, disgracing yourself and Cardassia. Your attempt to escape is no doubt a final act of cowardice. All fail-safes have been eliminated. Your personal access codes have been rescinded. The destruct sequence can no longer be halted. All you can do now is contemplate the depth of your disgrace... and try to die like a Cardassian.

-recording of Legate Kell

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