Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Kirk/Spock Shippers

I've been reading some K/S fanfic lately, mostly to see what I'm missing. The majority of fanfic, I should say first, is crap. It's dull and boring and enitrely lame. Generally you want to find a website that accepts submissions, not someone's personal website, which is usually a festering crapfest.

I went looking because I was curious. Someone had asked a question on one of the boards about how Shatner and Nimoy feel about K/S fic. The consensus was that they are amused by it, by the way. Anyway, it was something I've never considered before. Not that I've never thought about it, but seeking K/S out to actually see how people would possibly make it believable.

Which is when I discovered the online K/S zines. And you never know, until you read it, whether it's going to be as borderline offensive as Harry/Hermione or as ridiculous as Harry/Ron or as believable as Will/Deanna. But after I read it, I knew it was somewhere between Harry/Ron and Harry/Hermione.

First there's the fact that Kirk is something of a galactic playboy, and no one seems to be writing them in an open relationship. In fact, there's some people who would have them bonded just after "Amok Time". And then there's the relationship itself. I can't see either of them actually saying many of the things these fanfic authors say. In the fanfic world, we call this OOC - Out Of Character. And then there's the one where Kirk and Spock go to Pride weekend in San Francisco.

You heard me.

Now, I have no problem with the concept, and I think that Kirk and Spock obviously had a very strong relationship based on mutual respect and affection. Whether this resulted in smoochies is anyone's guess, but what I don't understand are the people who, when this topic was raised on the boards, said they were offended by it. So what if Kirk and Spock were screwing - we love them anyway.

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