Tuesday, July 31, 2007

On the Bombing of Nemesis

Trekmovie.com is hosting a video from G4 that states that Nemesis bombed because we're done with the Next Generation crew.

Is that really what people think?

Nemeis bombed because it was an obvious crappy remake of Star Trek II. Also, there was the dune buggy. And B4. And Shinzon. And the viceroy dude. And Will and Deanna finally got hitched but they didn't show the wedding. And Wil Wheaton sitting there in the background because his scene got cut and by the way, Liz Shatner, Wil has not retired from acting.

There were good things about Nemesis, but they just got drowned by the dune buggy. And then when you might notice, at the end, that Data finally got to be human (sort of), you don't notice, because Will Riker's standing there going, "When I first met Data, he was trying to whistle. Funniest thing you ever heard. What was the song? I can't remember the song!" and seventeen people (me included) yelled "Pop Goes the Weasel!" and added a "you dumb shit!" silently in our heads.

So yeah, Nemesis was crap, but I'm not done yet. My childhood was spent with TNG, my adolescence with DS9, and I grew up with Voyager (I graduated from high school less than a week after the finale) and I'm dammed if I'm gonna let them go. Not that I'm not excited about this movie, but this is not the Trek I grew up with.

And as a side note, some would say that makes me less of a Trekkie. Well, Screw you! I am more Trekkie than some people will ever be. Star Trek has been my world for my entire life, nothing will ever stop me from defining my world in terms of Star Trek. Just because I hadn't been born yet in 1966 does not mean I don't get to share in your little club, people.

Back to my main topic. I believe this movie CAN WORK. I believe in Leonard Nimoy, who likes the script and has always been right about the relative success or failure of every movie. I believe in Zachary Quinto with his identical-to-Nimoy nose. I believe in the selling power of Jim Kirk. I believe in the fan-ness of John Logan, who will never be invited to a Star Trek convention, but who I will always want to meet. I believe in the good intentions of Rick Berman (at least in the beginning) and the creative genius of Michael Piller. I believe in the favouritism of Kathryn Janeway and the emotionalisim of Jim Kirk. I believe that Jonathan Archer was an idiot and but Trip and T'Pol (not their romance, because that was dumb) totally made up for it.

I believe in the enduring power of Star Trek.

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  1. Thanks for the updates, cousin. I gotta say that one of my favorite things about you, among many, is the beautiful symbiosis between your cynicism and your hope. May you never lose either your high standards or your faith! -Lia