Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Isn't that a fish?

Furthering my Animated Trek adventures, Kirk and his band of suddenly fatter people deliver some medical supplies to a bunch of walking fish. After delivering the medical supplies, McCoy is charged with murder of many people - because he started a plague 19 years ago. Because that's likely. Kirk seems smarter than normal, though, which I admit doesn't take much (Fox Mulder he ain't). Still waiting for the episode title to make an appearance. Anyway, they go to beam down to the planet where McCoy committed murder, and lo and behold Kirk loses all his smart points by walking into a teeny tiny cave opening after a potential hostile alien. They find the alien, and Spock tries to comfort him by patting him on the shoulder. Anyway, there's a witness that really likes McCoy, so they take him back for the trial. For some reason they need warp 6 between these two planets in the same solar system... but they're moving awfully slowly in the shot... okay, I'm done with that. And then the alien gets sick with the plague. And then Kirk gets sick. BTW, the first symptom is turning blue. Scotty gets sick too. In fact, everyone turns blue except Spock. Dramatic music plays. Spock, of course, takes command of the ship. They have to break McCoy out of jail to get him to cure the thing. Kirk regains his brilliance by solving the problem while sick. McCoy remembers his patient from nineteen years ago and is able to use him to develop a cure to the disease, in the process proving that he didn't cause it at all. The aliens honor him for his brilliance. Spock and McCoy engage in obligatory banter. The name of the episode is "Albatross" for some reason.

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