Tuesday, August 21, 2007

And speaking of, I could've swore that was a Buffysode.

Okay, so Kate's the prisoner. She's dangerous. I think the guy who's supposed to be arresting her's gonna die soon. Problem is, the group out in the woods just decided she should gunsit. Flashback to some guy pointing a shotgun at her for sleeping in his sheep pen. He took her in, gave her bacon and eggs, gave her a job.

The hiking group comes back and tells everyone they need to start working on survival. Kate walks up to Jack and tells him that they can't send out a signal and why. And then she neglects to tell him who she is. And he doesn't tell her he knows. Probably smart. She has a gun, now.

Hurley tries to get Jack to confront Kate, of course, but he won't. The creepy hick whose name I forgot acts like a jerk as always. The jerky Korean guy insults his... whatever some more. Charlie hits on the pregnant chick.

Kate goes to see the Marshall. She has a flashback to leaving the farm. The Marshall wakes up and tries to kill her. Jack comes in and saves her. The guy's dying, and Kate wants Jack to kill him, but he refuses, and tells her he saw her mug shot.

The farmer drove her to the train station, and someone followed them. Ray, the farmer, knew that she was - something. He wanted to collect the reward.

Meanwhile, Walt tells his dad that Mr. Locke (creepy bald man) told him a miracle happened to him. Michael promises to go get the dog back as soon as it stops raining. It stops raining. So he goes looking in the forest for the dog (named Vincent. Sigh) but something chases him - straight into bathing Korean woman.

Charlie approaches Mr. Locke as the Marshal screams in pain. Creepy Hick tries to bond with Kate, but since he's, you know, creepy, she lets it go. The Marshal asks to talk to Kate. Flashback to her arrest in Australia, which involved the farmer being injured in a crash. Kate saved his life.

The Marshal asks Kate to kill him. Kate gives the Creepy Hick the gun and lets him do it. Only the Creepy Hick didn't kill him right. The death is now going to take hours. So Jack - I guess he smothered him, or something.

The Bald Man made a whistle. He blows it and out comes the dog, so Baldy goes to Michael so Michael can return the dog to Walt. Kate comes to Jack to tell him what she did, but he says it doesn't matter. They all have a clean slate - Tabula Rasa. Hey, isnt' that the episode title?

The Koreans finally have a gesture of affection between them - even if she's asleap at the time. Sayid and the creepy hick play ball. Walt gets his dog back. What're they planning to feed it, I wonder? And the Bald Man watches. He's scary. And so is this music.

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