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The Day we FINALLY Got Our Wish... For the Last Time

Day of Honor
Voyager Season 4 Episode 3
Aired 9/17/97

Idle hands are the Devil's playthings, or something. What's the phrase? I don't remember anymore, but that's the gist, and that would seem to indicate that having a Borg drone sitting in your cargo bay doing absolutely nothing would be a bad idea, right?

Seven of Nine has to resort to asking Chakotay for a job. Brilliant planning.
There is nothing in this scene that will convince me that they 
would ever have a relationship.
I know, they had to think of what they could possibly do with her, and that took time. Still.

So, of course, Chakotay interrupts our regularly scheduled flirting to ask B'Elanna if maybe, possibly, his sworn enemy who he says he will never, ever trust (watch the finale) might be able to be used in arguably the most sensitive part of the ship.
See, writers? This is a convincing ship. 
He interrupts Tom and B'Elanna flirting over some Klingon holiday called the "Day of Honor," which might have something to do with the episode title?

Surely not!

Anyway, they made some program for the holodeck but B'Elanna isn't sure she wants to go through with celebrating a Klingon holiday because she hates being Klingon and all.
Chakotay delivers one of his last lines on Voyager.
And then Chakotay bullies her into taking Seven as her apprentice.

Despite the fact that he doesn't trust Seven.

Whatever. Not like they're dating.

Four years later...

Must be Monday.

Act One

We'll spend the next four years watching variations on this scene anyway.
So Seven of Nine goes to Janeway for a job interview or a pep talk or whatever and Janeway says, you know, maybe we should call you something shorter than Seven of Nine, since it's kinda long. They reject the idea of calling her Annika, because that might, you know, humanize the character or something, and decide to call her Seven. Just plain Seven.

On another side note, they meet some refugees from the destruction of the Borg called the Cattati. They look very pathetic and sad and so on.
This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.
Seven reports for duty in Engineering and encounters the hostility and general grumpiness that is B'Elanna Torres. The insults fly in one direction only. Because Seven doesn't understand and is actually kind of enthusiastic about the Borg and doesn't feel bad about the Cattati's situation and so on. So you want her where the technology is, because she's coming off as a thundering loony. She doesn't understand the human perspective, it's painfully obvious that what they're going for here is Data, and they're not gonna get that because Data wasn't wearing a freaking catsuit, you lunatics!

Over it.

Or not.

Must be Monday.

B'Elanna goes to Ten Forward the mess hall because that's really the only place to go on this ship (if you think about it, they did not have tons of sets to pick from), where Neelix, in his infinite wisdom, talks her into trying to do the Day of Honor thing, which she hasn't done any other season either, so why they expect it to happen this time, I do not know.
So she goes down there, and eats some internal organs, and decides, you know, she'd rather not, thanks.
Must be Monday.
And then Tom comes to try to talk with her and she gets all snippy and breaks up their platonic romance.

Must be Monday.

Act Two
Meanwhile, The Cattati tell their pitiful story of woe, and ask for help. Janeway gives them the supplies they can spare, but the Cattati ask for more. They have to tell them no, which is hard.

Also, they got so pathetic by being attacked by the Borg.

So, of course, they walk the guy right by Seven.

And Tom gets to get all protective, which, let's face it, not his best hat. Good thing B'Elanna can take care of herself.
Also, I feel like "Back off, you big, mean bully," might not be the best approach here. I mean, the Cattati dude's right. Seven's people did kill all his. He is starving. And, let's face it, you could snap the dude like a twig. He's kinda got a legitimate reason to be pissed. I'm not saying they should let him go 10 rounds with her or anything (like she'd take that) but it wouldn't hurt her to have a sit-down with the Cattati and realize how much hurt the Borg have caused. Since she doesn't seem to have much perspective on that. Yet.

The real gist of the technobabble for the week is that they will be trying to open a transwarp conduit. Since the ship's all Borgified and all, and that's what the Borg use to get around. They're on shaky canonical ground with this one. The Borg under Lore did use transwarp technology, but there was never any indication that the rest of them were doing it before, you know, now.

Just a thought, you might not want to irritate the people who read The Nitpicker's Guide for Next Generation Trekkers right after introducing a character in a catsuit that's irritating people already.

Anyway, that doesn't end well.

First they all have to bolt out of Engineering...

Monday strikes again.

Monday can die in a matter/anitmatter reaction.
They end up having to eject the warp core.

Must be Monday.

Act Three
So, since it's Monday, Tom and B'Elanna get elected to go after the warp core even though they're barely speaking at this point.
Why can't Tuesday come sooner?
Of course, the Cattati show up and try to take the core. Long story short, they end up floating in space, their shuttle's blown up, and presumably the warp core too, only obviously not or the rest of the show would stink.

Never mind.

But no, seriously, I can't figure out why the core's intact at the end of the episode. It's all destabilized  the Cattati try to tow it away, and there's a huge explosion, so what blew up? Other than their shuttle? And my sanity?

Act Four
Your Monday can't get worse than this.
They send out a rescue beacon and wait. That would kind of have to be like, the worst thing ever.

So, Janeway talks to Seven to see if she maybe sabotaged the whole project since she was Borg and all. Yeah, this has the makings of a beautiful friendship.

Jeri Ryan's a pretty solid actress. This role was not fair to her at all.

Just when you thought Monday had to end soon, you start running out of air.
Anyway, if you recall, floating in space was the worst thing ever... Turns out not. They're running out of air.

You'd think it could recycle the carbon dioxide... oh, whatever.

I mean, if the Apollo astronauts could make a carbon dioxide scrubber from what was floating around...

Act Five

So Seven and Janeway team up and figure out how the core didn't work and that it was nobody's fault, because nobody cares, we all knew it was an accident because it's Monday, but whatever. Nice to have that cleared up. What happened to the warp core?

Last time you let her loose she tried to knock out Harry the Perpetual Ensign and contact the Borg, so by all means, let her on the Bridge without an escort and don't even watch her when something more interesting comes on the screen.
The Cattati show up at this point and start throwing threats around, because they can. It's like when the runty kid who gets picked on at school takes a few karate classes or the bully shows up with a broken arm. Only Voyager isn't the bully.

They do have a Borg, though.

Tom and B'Elanna, meanwhile, are floating in space, very sad because they're about to die, but never mind.
Because Seven can do anything... except stop wearing the ridiculous catsuit.
Seven gets a great idea! Ohmygosh! Because Borg Technology will now be a plot device in every freaking episode from here to infinity, she's going to use it to solve the Cattati's energy crisis and save their civilization, and why didn't we ask her sooner?
See, she can be nice! Chakotay should totally date her.
See, they're all happy now.

Back to Tom and B'Elanna suffocating. The requisite "I love yous" are exchanged in preparation for their impending deaths.

Called it! Ohmygosh! When I was like, eleven! Also known as Season 1! The episode, "Faces," the scene, where HumanB'Elanna is telling Tom about her childhood. Yerp. Called it.
I do so enjoy the feeling of being right about a ship, especially on Voyager, when we were wrong about oh, so many things....

But since Janeway is finally done with the Cattati, they swing by to pick up the Chief Engineer and Glorified Flyboy.

I bet that was awkward later.

Love this shot.
But I do love the shot.

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