Saturday, March 17, 2012

See, Back then you could DO things like this and NOT risk losing the entire fanbase

The Final Frontier
Movie 5, 6/9/89, Stardate 8454.1

In the desert on Nimbus III, the "Planet of Galactic Peace"....

Wait, what? What is the "Planet of Galactic Peace" and why is it that we're on said planet when the posters clearly said they were installing seat belts in the movie theater for this movie? Where's my seat belt? I paid $3.50 for this movie and that's an outrageous price! I want my money back!

Just kidding.

I was three at the time. I have no idea what a movie cost then, just that when I was old enough to know what a movie cost it was $3.50. And also, where are the seat belts?

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  1. They'll be installed Tuesday.