Thursday, February 16, 2012

Here at the End of All Things: A Love Story of Hate

Voyager: Endgame

Sometimes I think that's all that needs to be said. The thing was, the episodes before had been so good. It was like they finally got it. No more Borg, no more stupidity, even a little humor again, there right at the end, something that Voyager, let's face it, was never good at, and then this.


The worst part is that it's a paradox and no one even realized that.

The other worst part is this:

The final episode of TNG, they filmed a specific scene as the last one:
In DS9, they filmed a certain scene as the final one (shot, not aired, obviously, there's still about 20 minutes left at this point):

On Voyager, they called Kate Mulgrew in to finish up a shot on the Bridge, alone. And when she was done, she turned around and they had started to take down the Bridge.

That, more than anything, tells me what I need to know.

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