Friday, February 24, 2012

And this needed saying why?

So, George Takei is not involved in the new Star Trek movie.


Why is this a question? We know he's not in the movie, if he was in the movie they would be making a big deal about him being in the movie. There's also a push to keep the movie, you know, believable, and putting Old Sulu in after Old Spock would not be believable.

He also comments on Jeremy Lin, Donald Trump, Lisa Lampanelli, his new project (Alleigance), and his charity work. But the part the Trekkies were freaking out today was this:
I assure people that this aging Sulu will not make an appearance. He's going to remain young. And look like John Cho.
Was this a question? Did anyone seriously think, for a second, for half a second, that George Takei was going to be part of J.J's Trek? Are there people that crazy out there? And how's the weather in LaLaLand?

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