Friday, October 28, 2011

What We Lose Will Change us Forever

DS9: Extreme Measures

Personally, I think it's nice to get away from the Dominion War stuff for a while and wrap up Section 31 in one fell swoop. And have a peek into Sloan's life. And hear that Julian looooooves Ezri, which occurred to me about two freaking seconds after she showed up... I mean, hey, new Dax, maybe she can date Bashir! Duh!

The important thing isn't Odo's cure. The cure is an afterthought. The important thing is the illness and his and Kira's reactions to it and that had to then be dealt with but it lays clear that they set the stage for her implicit acceptance of his impending, I use a lot of words.

When I have kids, and they go to play with the other kids, no one's gonna understand them, are they?

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