Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Thoughts on Wrongs Darker than Death or Night

It seems to me that it's a rather bold thing to insert - that Dukat was involved with Kira's mom. On the other hand, it does explain why he was always so interested in Kira... although when he was trying to pick her up, that was a little sick and wrong. Although does it really make him worse that Richard Gere's character in Autumn in New York?

Kira's response is also intriguing - she goes straight to Sisko and demands an orb trip. Really? Does she think she should get special priviliges just because she's the friend of the Emissary? Even though up until that one trip on the Defiant she wasn't even really that?

Nana's scenes with Sid are always fun during this time - they were married then. And it's nice to see a return of Old Crabby Kira. I missed her. She was fun.

When she goes to Sisko for help, and begs him for help, she's begging as the Emissary. It's interesting, usually they have a work relationship - she doesn't address him in that way. Kind of fun.

The interest Dukat takes in Meru is very in character - he heals her scar, takes an interest, just like always. He's repeating himself - just like always. Sigh.

Basically, Dukat's just a big perverted jerk.

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