Thursday, May 20, 2010

Of Doctors New and Old

I love David Tennant.

There, I said it.

I love him and he's wonderful and I want to freeze time because the man is a genuis and not a little bit unlike my fiancee, what with the egotism. But I know it can't last, isn't lasting, hasn't lasted. He's gone already, and here I am refusing to watch Doctor Who and pretending that he's not gone but he is. Not gone like dead, he's just not the Doctor anymore. Maybe he'll do a guest spot on Heroes like Chris Eccleston or something.

So, instead, I'm pretending that I'm too busy planning my wedding to possibly contemplate even trying to watch the Doctor Who specials, even though I know perfectly well that I just watched four seasons of Bones in three weeks (which I highly reccomend as a show, by the way).

It's just so damn tragic I could die, not that I want to, but... Argh! I like David Tennant. He's the perfect Doctor. I liked Chris Eccleston too. He was also the perfect Doctor. When Nine regenerated, I cried. And then there was David Tennant. He was perfect too. And I don't care how perfect the Matt Whatever is, he's not David Tennant, just like David Tennant wasn't Chris Eccleston and Chris Eccleston wasn't... well, the only Doctor I really like other than those two was Three. Three had a good sense of loss and despair, and is really the beginning of the Doctor angst, as far as I can see. Two just had a recorder, and One seemed to subsist on his pompousness, but Three - Three knew loss and regret, and all the things that made Nine and Ten that most despised of character qualities: Edgy (whatever that means).

I know that the Doctors changing is a metaphor for the people in our life changing, how a person can change their looks and their likes and dislikes and pierce their own lip and get a tattoo and preted to be the most hardassed person on the planet but underneath, they're the same. I get that. It's a valuable lesson.

But can't we learn it without losing David Tennant?

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