Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Manny Coto just said something (okay, last August said something) about how they did the third season of Enterprise that makes a lot of sense to me. Essentially, that if you do a big story, you put it  in a three-parter. Oh, if Brannon had only thought of that when he made "Macrocosm".

Anyway, it's kind of exciting to hear that someone had it figured out, at least for the one year.

In other news, I saw Frost/Nixon last night, and it really touched a chord with me especially in regard to my own first encounter with Brannon Braga and people's reaction to my question and my take on his answer. It was important to many that someone in power acknowledge their responsibility for what happened, and I think that Brannon has done that. Too late in the game to change what's happened, but at least he did it. I've managed to switch from intense anger to a grudging admiration for the man, and that's in large part due to his repeated appearances at conventions, allowing us to rake him over the coals. As he deserved at one point, although I'm not sure he does now. At some point, doesn't he get to be absolved of that guilt? Star Trek has an overall message of forgiveness, after all. What would Kirk do?

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  1. I think i was at one of the conventions that you asked that question and it was a fantastic moment for trekies, let me tell you. thank you. Maybe we should forgive him, but I think Kirk would have stranded Braga on the surface of Ceti Alpha V.