Saturday, October 4, 2008

The Dent of it all

I was thinking about Star Trek, and why it is that Enterprise and Nemesis failed, and something occurred to me.

We've discovered the true nature of Harvey Dent.

I know that sounds insane. Play along for a minute.

So, Dark Knight, right? Batman Big Spoilers

has to take the blame for a murder committed by another man because that man is Gotham's symbol of truth and purity and all things good. But look at it from the perspective of the Gothamite that looks a little too hard at those events, at what we know of Batman, and at what we know of Harvey Dent - at the death of Harvey's girlfriend, and at the nature of his injuries, and realizes the truth about ol' Harvey.

In the past three years, especially, we have been innundated with truth. The truth of everything. Susan Sackett and the "truth" about Gene Roddenberry. The truth of discontinuity, the "true" story of what UPN did to Enterprise, the "truth" about who's to blame for Nemesis, the "truth" about who should have been cast as Seven.

You know what? Screw the truth.

Maybe if we weren't so concerned with the real nature of Harvey Dent, we'd realize that that crap doesn't matter. This should be fun. Continuity issues should be something you laugh at with your friends, not something you curse at until you feel queasy. UPN can and has gone and bleeped themselves, and Gene's issues with women should be swept firmly under the rug because it doesn't matter anymore. The guy is dead. Let him be.

As it is, we're so busy looking for the truth that no one's noticed that Gotham has lost it's hero.

And here's another thing: you don't reclaim the hero. For those who are truly disillusioned with Harvey Dent, this movie will flop. They won't be able to let it not flop. I know people who are so against it no matter what that they'll never accept it. They're the ones who wrote the biography of Harvey Dent, know where all the skeletons are buried, and secretly want to bring him down. My advice to you? Don't be one of them. Living the lie is a lot more fun.

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