Monday, July 14, 2008

The Voyager Game 6: Enterprise Edition: Oasis

Wow, a new low for Berman.

Let's recap. Which Star Trek was the one that no one paid attention to? Which was called (by Entertainment Weekly) The Best television show that no one eve noticed? Which one was ignored by Rick Berman and referred to by it's own production staff as the "bastard stepchild of the Star Trek universe"?

So explain this to me. They took a reasonably good Season 2 episode of DS9 (the aforementioned bastard stepchild) and rehashed it, recast it, made it an Enterprise episode with reasonably the same characters who have the same basic problem as in the original version (their holographic generator is getting old and degrading). Then they cast the actor who played the character whose episode it was in the original version as the guest star in this new one. And then they have Trip say, "What are you gonna do? Program a holographic doctor?"

This is what we call annoying.

Original episode: DS9: Shadowplay

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